Missouri River Medical Center 


Providing quality care in a loving environment


We save lives and improve the quality of life for all in our community through compassionate, accessible healthcare and education.



MRMC meets our community’s needs by providing exceptional health care with quality providers in a modern facility that attracts patients and resources.



Respect – We recognize the dignity of our patients and employees regardless of their condition, circumstances or life choices.

Excellence – We attain the highest standards in the quality of care from infancy to end of life

Trust – We are authentic, honest, confidential and reliable for our patients and colleagues.

Stewardship – We maximize resources to achieve sustainability.

Transparency – We honor our constituent’s right to know how MRMC is performing financially and the quality of services.

Located in historical Fort Benton, Montana, our healthcare campus sits in the Missouri River Valley, nestled amongst the wheat fields that make up Montana's Golden Triangle.

Our campus encompasses an 25 bed Critical Access Hospital, a family practice clinic, an intermediate care and, emergency room, eye clinic, physical therapy, laboratory, radiology as well as home visiting nurse services.

Our Critical Access Hospital is dedicated to the highest level of independence and quality of life for those that make Missouri River Medical Center their home.   The Emergency Room is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Our Physical Therapy department utilize new technologies to help you regain some of your flexibility.


Our staff also works hand in hand with Chouteau County Emergency Services and Peace Hospice of Montana.